President Caprari's speech to the ANIMA Assembly


Speaking at the public session of the Federation Assembly of July 5 2016, Alberto Caprari made an overview of the several topics involving ANIMA and companies representing mechanics closely, investigating and commenting primarily the main theme of the Event, the ' 4.0 industry.

"As the objective of ANIMA Federation is to be close to the companies to be able to support them the best in all that sun, as carriers of private and particular interests, can not do well.
From the point of view of the promotion of the sector in Italy and abroad are constantly active in the oversight of specific work groups within the National and European institutions.

Regarding the economic situation economically, years after we recorded growth in 2015 to 2% as mechanics! The mechanical industry today exports, in fact, nearly double the entire Italian fashion industry (footwear, clothing, cosmetics, eyewear and jewelery, and leather tanning) - also considered in the most narrow version of only the machinery and mechanical equipment. In this scenario, the contribution of industry Mechanics for the Italian manufacturing system and, therefore, the growth of our country in manufacturing is her main strength is decisive.

4.0 Manufacture (or Industry) is not just about innovative tools such as 3D Printing (or addictive manufacturing), Big Data, robotics, Supply Chain integration and much more ... ..
The 4.0 is primarily the result of Globalization, determined by the interconnection and the ability to access a widespread knowledge level (WEB) never imagined before.
The flip side is that everything that happens in the world may potentially influence the niche, large or small, in which we operate. The result - almost Darwinian - the unpredictability of markets, which now accompanies us and that we must now consider a new constant in our business plan together with the increasingly strong and urgent needs of our customers.
The term "recovery" - still often used (even by me today ..) is largely outdated and unsuitable, in my opinion. No going back! Nothing can be as 10 years ago and therefore no shooting ... we just changed, and the context is new. We must therefore move from a way of doing business to another. Directly. Alas seamless. ..
This, really uncomfortable for our business culture, it is metabolized.
The key element is in fact the speed of execution and we Latins, or rather we Italians, for Culture and DNA in this are very good. 's take advantage!
This innate ability we have to apply more and better in our company, in product / market strategies, organization - affinandole and updating them.
But above all we must take action on ourselves: to broaden our perspective vision and accelerate change. We must do this because we have the responsibility to renew the Italian mechanics, which has so much history behind it and so much future ahead. (If we can work well). Prof. Fortis gave an update on the Italian context and accompanied to understand this Fourth Industrial Revolution what it means. In my humble opinion, it spurs us first of all to a way of thinking new and fresh, quite free from the past and its paradigms.
Here then we have to find a new tune, to inject a lot of changes in our businesses and innovation. In the processes and logic, first of all.
I, personally, a real dream Fund - to support the most of the 4.0 Innovation - in the engineering field.
The government then we ask for a "pact for recovery, re-launch, or rather for a new leap" in the industry of tomorrow, starting from the occupation, necessarily characterized by new forms of flexibility and incentives.
By this I refer to the Federmeccanica line (friend Fabio Storchi) I can only agree and therefore fully support.
I think a revitalization of industry not only can but must. It must be based on the Italian ability to do business on one side and the definition of common standards (rules) that applies to all institutions involved, on the other. To achieve it you need to share, between Enterprise and Government, a clear direction, clear and consistent, at least for the next few years 5. Only in this way can lead the new industrial development, we deserve: the mechanics, as in other areas. "

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