ASTM Standards Package

Thanks to the exclusive agreement with ASTM - American Society for Testing and Materials, ANIMA Confindustria can offer Italian companies in all sectors a annual package of 20 ASTM standards at a very affordable price:

- € 699,00 / year
- € 599,00 / year for ANIMA Confindustria members

ASTM is an internationally recognized leader in the development and supply of standards related to the definition of materials and test methods. In the world almost the 50% of test methods are supported by scientific and statistical studies coming from these standards. For this reason the ASTM standards are of fundamental importance to obtain accreditations, perform laboratory tests, to open up to new markets and increase exports.
Soon they will also be available API and ASME regulations.

The solution offered allows you to have months in 12:

- Download in format HTML of 20 regulations, with also the possibility to save and print the files.
The format PDF instead it is only available for consultation
- ASTM Compass platform
- Continuous access to all ASTM database with the possibility of consulting the abstracts of all the standards
12.575 Active Standards
- 42.000 Historical Standards - 1.000 Retired Standards
- 12.300 red lines (to show the differences between the different versions)
- 15 Sections
- 81 Volumes

USE OF INNOVATIVE TOOLS AND FUNCTIONALITIES, for a drastic reduction in the work required on the regulations:
- Compare legislation with previous editions in seconds immediately identifying the
updates, marked with different colors
- Work directly on the standard in HTML format, inserting notes, images, drawings and diagrams
- By uploading a company document to the platform, references to the standards cited in it take
automatically the links of the ASTM standards
- Form groups among colleagues interested in sharing the law and working on it
- Create Alert to receive updates of rules and new standards
- Consult the experts directly members of the ASTM technical committees
- Site with interface also in Italian
- Simple and advanced search options: search by standard number and keyword
- Video tutorial

- FREE WebEx DEMONSTRATION of 15 / 20 minutes with an ASTM trainer to check the features and ease of
use of the platform
- A couple of demonstrations / month are scheduled, but it is also possible to organize them on request, sending the
request to gerosa at

- The one-year service will start from the activation date, that is with ASTM authentication of the addresses
Public IPs provided by the Company, so that interested users can then register with individual accounts.
- The signing of this proposal certifies the correct use below copyright of the 20 standards downloaded

To accept the offer, simply send the subscription form you can download HERE.

For any clarification and further information, contact Lorella Gerosa: gerosa at or 02 45418.518

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