The 4.0 Industry Plan, a positive sign from the institutions, we ask you to continue to support us


On the occasion of ANIMA Forum 2018 "Man and technology towards the future of industry", the President of Anima Alberto Caprari declared "There are three keys to industrial growth: innovation, competitiveness and protection. Italian mechanics calls for further support for the innovation process initiated by manufacturing. It also needs to improve the Italian ecosystem in which the industry operates to promote efficiency and job creation, keeping in Italy the most valuable know-how and processes that characterize our products. We also call for the reinforcement of the fight against counterfeiting and unfair competition to defend the value of our Premium industrial products in European and global markets ".
Regarding innovation and change that entrepreneurs must undertake, Caprari then remarked: "The 4.0 Business Plan has accelerated the investments that, for the most part, some of our sectors had to freeze due to the stagnant domestic market and geopolitical uncertainties. The first few months of the 2017 were not so widespread awareness of what the potential of this 4.0 was like: over the months, business objectives and strategies became clear and there was a renaissance of technology investments and a reinvigoration of orders. could recover part of the competitive gap created with the other European and world realities, gaining more strength and above all confidence The problem of the strong Euro and an inefficient Italian system remains: among all the measures promoted, the 4.0 Business Plan has played a fundamental role, and it was above all a positive signal from the Institutions to support concretely, in a technological challenge that otherwise we would have had to face alone again. The plan wanted by the government, is also leading Italian companies in the crucial step from the sale of the product to the service, linked to digital technology. The incentives reward those who invest and in particular, those who want to improve quality, to grow in globalized markets. The 4.0 Plan has been able to breathe new life, perspectives and real technology, certainly a harbinger of a future better occupation ".

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