The presence of ANIMA at HOST 2015


"ANIMA has a historic partnership with Host. For this edition we will have a lounge containing the "benchmark of technological excellence for the Horeca." Clearly the aim is to consolidate the perception of completeness and expertise of the companies we represent and make that vision very impactful to all visitors, guests and buyers. The associations Assofoodtec, EFCEM Italy and FIAC will be present and active "says Alberto Caprari, President of ANIMA.

"The ANIMA Federation thus strengthens the synergy with Host of Fiera Milano to enhance the Italian companies in the sector. We believe that this event will encourage the international development of Italian companies, contributing strongly to the dissemination of specialist Made in Italy products. With a truly synergistic and collaborative vision, ANIMA and Host introduce to the world the system of food technologies (such as machines for the milling industry, for the production of bread and bakery products, pasta and food extruders, confectionery industry, oil industry, machines for espresso coffee and bar equipment, meat grinder slicers and other equipment for the catering and hotel industry, industrial and commercial refrigeration equipment, meat processing machines, ice cream equipment furnitures, Horeca equipment and articles household). The contemporaneity with Expo2015 also amplifies and enhances the commitment that ANIMA and Host take on in this context. I look forward to an ever more fruitful dedication of our companies to international markets, as they are the first source of development for our highly appreciated technologies. The concept that good and healthy eating, with Italian cuisine but not only, is the result of a technological chain of great imprinting and Italian tradition: from production machinery, processing and preservation to cooking and food processing. Finally, I believe that tourism, an important resource of our beautiful country and consequently tourism structures, can and must find a competitive and distinctive advantage, relying more and more on the technologies we have in the home. The quality of the service rendered, of the food, its organoleptic safety and the design of the structures and manufactured products, are certainly among the most evident and successful factors in the restaurant ".

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