Advantages machinery: MED Directive published in OJ

Published in Journal Directive MED controls and inspections on subjects that require subsidies for the purchase of machinery referred to in the Ministerial Decree of July 29 2013.

In the Official Journal on Thursday March 13 2014 it was published in the Directive of the Ministry of economic development in the area of ​​checks and inspections on youngsters who require the facilities provided to the decree in July 29 2013 and subsequent amendments and additions, Investments for Innovative Convergence Regions. The directive states that the first level checks at the applicant companies and or beneficiary of the facilities provided to the DM July 29 2013 will be made repetitive pattern and according to a specific schedule. The controls, also, may be carried out:
- Before the issuing of the decree granting the aid;
- In the course of implementation of the program for the granting of concessions;
- Subsequent to the completion of the program.

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