Alberto Caprari leading ANIMA

"ANIMA is undoubtedly a key sector for the economy and the image in the world. - Says Alberto Caprari new President of ANIMA - I feel the responsibility of the task entrusted to me that I will try to carry out with a great team spirit. A team made up 34 Associations and composed of a thousand associated ANIMA that may important to pool expertise and motivation. Two essential elements to overcome the impasse in which it operates in the Italian and European manufacturing. In keeping with the vision and the program of the President Squinzi,ANIMA hopes to give a significant contribution to the companies for their development in Italy but especially abroad. - Continues Caprari - How Federation will get in field actions to support businesses of mechanics towards greater internationalization and specialization dedicating ourselves not only to Europe, now our domestic market, but to the whole world. In this context 2015 Expo is an opportunity that we can not escape us to strengthen our image quality and, even more, for reliability in the eyes of the world. Today more than ever is required great attention to SMEs, is the backbone of the Italian mechanical industries that correlated. - Concludes Caprari - The Federation ANIMA will further strengthen its role as a privileged partner for the Italian and international institutions on issues they see manufacturing as a competitive engine of the XXI century as identified, however, in the development programs of the European Commission.\"

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