The good quality of products and technologies increases the export of mechanics


Alberto Caprari, president of ANIMA Confindustria Meccanica Varia, said in his speech at the Smart Export event (13 December 2017) promoted by ANIMA: "Export data seem more than confirming the quality of commercial relations between Italy and the rest of the world. In the comparison between the first six months 2017 and the same period of 2016 the export of technologies and products of companies in ANIMA has reached very positive values. Exports can still grow, relying on those values ​​that we all strongly recognize, such as: innovation, reliability, professionalism, flexibility, quality of our products, services and integrated solutions. There are four requests from ANIMA Confindustria Meccanica Varia to the government, banks and institutions: financial coverage also towards less stable countries, but which invest; de-taxing for the activation of supply chains of related products and / or complementary companies; exchange of simpler, more economic and tax-deductible exchange rates; finally, incentives for exports through analysis and economic studies, product certifications and participation in highly facilitated fairs ".

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