Ministerial Circular n.3794 / 2014 - Technical specifications for the installation of fire prevention and management of markets on public areas with the presence of fixed structures, and removable self-shops

The Circular aims to respond to define technical recommendations for fire prevention.

In the large process of improving the protection of the safety of the community and, in particular, the activities carried out within the framework of so-called local markets, in the presence of common regulatory provisions which, despite their technical merit, not always immediately related to the specific context, the need has emerged to provide for the formulation of a document aimed at the definition of specific technical recommendations for fire prevention for the installation and management of markets on public areas, with the presence of static or removable and commercial motor vehicles that use LPG or other energy sources.
The document, therefore, the objective of providing technical recommendations and recommendations for fire prevention
aforementioned local markets in synergy with the technical standards of the industry.

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