Four requests to the government


As the Soul Federation, in defense of the Italian mechanical industry, we have four requests for government: first we ask for the prolongation of hyper-amortization, a measure that has proved to be a strong incentive for companies and of which we are seeing the concrete benefits. Even psychological. We are also calling for the SEN (National Energy Strategy) to be implemented by implementing the implementing measures that will help maintain the Paris COP 21 agreement in order to promote the best Italian technologies. Market surveillance is urgently needed through effective tools, for the protection of quality products and the CE mark of original Italian productions. Lastly, we need to be supported by better efficiency in Public Administration to save time and energy for businesses. With these actions our companies can consolidate and accelerate growth.

This is the comment of President ANIMA Alberto Caprari, at the event "Open to Innovation! Italian Technologies in a 4.0 World" held in Milan on 11 July.

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