Associations of ANIMA

ACISM - Italian Association of Meter Manufacturers
AISEM - Italian Association of Systems for Lifting, Elevation and Handling
ANASTA - National Association companies welding cutting and allied processes
ANCSEI - Stainless Wine-Tank Manufacturers
ANIMA SICUREZZA - Solutions and services for the custody of goods and values
AQUA ITALY - Association of Manufacturers primary water treatment
ASSOCATENE - Italian Association chains manufacturers for the circulation of vehicles
ASSOCLIMA - Italian Association of Heating, Cooling, and Ventilation Systems Manufacturers
ASSODIAM - Diamond Tool and Super-Abrasive Tool Manufacturers
ASSOFERMA - Italian Association of Lock, Hardware and Handle Manufacturers
ASSOFOODTEC - Italian Association of Machinery and Plant Manufacturers for Food Production, Processing and Preservation
ASSOGRIGLIATI - Italian Association of Electro-Welded and Pressed Steel Grating and Fencing Manufacturers
Assopompe - Italian Association of pump manufacturers
ASSOSEGNALETICA - Italian Association of Road Signs Manufacturers
ASSOSIC - Italian Association of Personal Protection Equipment Manufacturers and Distributors
ASSOTERMICA - Italian Association of Equipment and Components for Heating Systems Manufacturers
AVR - Italian Association of Valve and Fittings Manufacturers
CIADI - Italian Association of Noise Reduction Materials and Equipment Manufacturers
CICOF - Italian Committee of industrial furnace manufacturers
CIFITRA - Refrigerating Unit for Refrigerated Vehicles Manufacturers
CLIMGAS - Italian Association of Gas-fired Air-conditioning Equipment Manufacturers and Distributors
COMACART - Paper Mill Machinery Manufacturers
COMAPA - Garage Machinery and Equipment Manufacturers
COMIMET - Metal Sundries Manufacturers
COMIRE - Measuring and Regulation Instruments and Equipment Manufacturers
COMPO - Italian Association of Manufacturers of Compressors, Pumps and Accessories for the Treatment of Compressed Gas and Air
COMPROVA - Testing Machinery Manufacturers, Gear and Transmission Gear Manufacturers, Metal Structures
Manufacturers of gears and transmission systems
Metal products in general
FACAP - Porcelainized Steel Household-Ware Manufacturers
FIAC - Association of Italian manufacturers of household, tableware and related items
ITALCOGEN - Italian Association of Cogeneration System Manufacturers and Distributors
ITALMOT - Association manufacturers internal combustion engines
MACHINPACK - Packing and Packaging Machinery Manufacturers
SIDERMACCHINE - Metal-Working Machinery and Metallurgy Equipment Manufacturers
UAMI - Italian Association of Industrial Plant Erection and Maintenance Contractors
UCAOP - Oleo-Hydrodynamic and Pneumatic Equipment Manufacturers
UCC - Italian Association of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Manufacturers
UCIF - Italian Association of Surface Treatment Equipment Manufacturers
UCIP - Italian Association of oil plants manufacturers
UCIR - Italian Association of Castor and Wheel Manufacturers
UCISP - Italian Association for Weighing Instruments
UCLAINOX - Manufacturers stainless steel sinks
UCMOL - Iron and Steel Spring Manufacturers
UCOMESA - Italian Association of Construction Equipment Manufacturers
UCRS - regulators builders Union, associated safety devices and related systems for gas
UCT - Union turbine manufacturers
ELP - Union enterprises defense environment
Uman - Italian Association of Firefighting Equipment Manufacturers
UNAC - Italian Association of Powered-Operated Gate/Door and Automation System Manufacturers
UNIEF - Steel Cold Extruders
Italian Association of manufacturers of plant and equipment for chemical production
UNIPSA - Intrusion Detection Door Manufacturers
UNITT - Italian National Association of Heat Treatment Manufacturers
UNSER - Metal Door, Gate and Swing Gate Manufacturers
USAB - Gas Cylinder Manufacturers and Enamellers Italian Association of Chemical Plant and Equipment Manufacturers

Companies and products

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