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ANIMA Confindustria Mechanics varied and similar is the industrial category organization that, within Confindustria, represents the mechanical engineering companies, a sector that it occupies 214.000 employees for a turnover of more than 48,5 billion of euros and one export share / turnover of 58,3% (preliminary 2018).

Born in 1914, The Federation numbers within its organization as well 30 Associations e product groups and it has more than 1000 associated companies, Among the most qualified in their respective sectors.

I macrosectors represented by ANIMA are: machines and plants for the production of energy and for the chemical and oil industry - assembly of industrial plants; logistics and goods handling; water and food technology and equipment; technologies and products for the industry; plants, machines produced for the building industry; machines and systems for human and environmental safety; metallic constructions in gender.

ANIMA protects the interests of the mechanical industry in general, represents and promotes in Italy and abroad the companies and products, alongside the members with regard to the technical and economic issues and is therefore the most important initiative at national and international level for the Italian companies of the mechanical.

ANIMA is a consolidated organization that has among its aims to offer businesses the skills, knowledge and high value-added services

At European level ANIMA is a founding member and active member Orgalim (European Federation of mechanics) as well as of UNI (Italian Institute for Standardization).

1919 from the official magazine of ANIMA is INDUSTRY MECHANICSBut over the years the Federation has developed other Publications very useful for those working in the world of mechanics.

Companies and products

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