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Formamec Scar.l.

Formamec Scar.l. is a training and consulting company founded in 2001 by the will of the ANIMA Federation with the aim of supporting the growth of professional skills of the staff of the mechanical engineering companiesWithin the national territory, through innovative methods.

Today Formamec is the center of excellence for consulting and training in the Italian mechanical sector. The main objective is to accompany clients in the development and construction of the change in order to PROMOTE INNOVATION products, processes and businesses. This through a set of advisory services and training, Especially with customized intervention plans

Thanks to the associative context of ANIMA Federation where it is born and develops its specialization, Formamec offers to companies expertise and experience deriving from strength and constant development of Mechanics:

o innovative technologies for the development of mechanical

o digitization and e-commerce B2B

o product innovation and process

o internationalization

o directives and standards (social and product)

o 9001 ISO certification, ISO certification 14001,

OHSAS 18001, integrated management systems and organizational models

o start-ups.


All development projects are accompanied by a systematic access to the facilities. The facilities operated mainly relate to the following areas:



research and development



Formamec provides businesses with strategic support, design and technical management of public funds.


In line with the market demands and to optimize the services offered, Formamec is accredited by the Lombardy Region, ISO 9001 in Lombardy, Veneto and Piedmont and adopt an organizational model 231 / 01.



Via Scarsellini 13 - 20161 Milan

tel. + 39 0245418.304 -

Consortium Pascal Scarl

PASCAL Consortium, a limited liability company with a sole shareholder born in September 2000 is the first Italian body of a private nature to get notified by the Ministry of Productive Activities for the certification of pressure equipment in accordance with Directive 97 / 23 known as the PED .

The notification (EC number 1115) was obtained in October 2001 and renewed at every expiration date by decree of the Ministry of Economic Development (Ex. Ministry for Productive Activities).

The main objective of PASCAL, is to make available a timely, well-organized and technically flawless so that companies can be competitive against foreign competitors, while maintaining the current market share.

PASCAL has worked for over 10 years for attesting the conformity of pressure equipment and assemblies in accordance with Directive 97 / 23 / CE (PED).

The notification includes PASCAL:

• The certification of equipment and sets
• Authorization for the "European Approval of Materials"
• Permission to act as a "Third Party" for the joints (Qualification of Operators and procedures)
• Approval of personnel providing non-destructive testing.



ICIM is an independent certification body born in Milan in 1988 as Italian Certification Institute for Mechanics. ICIM is the first Italian institution recognized ASME Authorized Inspection Agency.
Next to the certification systems (quality, environment and safety) in the fields of mechanical, automotive, heating and plumbing and plant engineering, ICIM is a leader in certification of professionals and is one of the leading experts in Italy and in the world in the certification of renewable energy and of ' energy efficiency.
As a member of the CISQ Federation, ICIM adheres to the international circuit IQNet (The International Certification Network), the largest network of certification bodies (over 250.000 certificates), and can therefore provide a certificate with recognition by all countries participating in the network. In addition, the Organization provides wide range of training for companies and professionals through the Factory of Knowledge, also with in-house courses.
ICIM is aimed at organizations that in any market segment, believe that innovation and sustainability are essential elements of development.

The National Plan for Energy Efficiency (2014) and the transposition of the EU Directive Decree 2012 / 27 on energy efficiency identified as elements of growth and innovation, upgrading the energy efficiency of buildings, green procurement, energy audits and systems for energy management. ICIM in these areas is able to offer multiple solutions to large companies and energy intensive businesses that need to acquire management tools and expertise to efficientare installations and buildings. The certification according to ISO 50001 (Energy Management), UNI CEI 11352 (ESCo) and UNI CEI 11339 (EGE-Experts in Energy Management) are essential requirements for anyone who wants to operate in the market for energy efficiency and access to incentives.
ICIM provides the only Italian institution, the inspection services provided by the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessels Code-code, the reference standard for all pressure equipments (tanks mounted in the pipeline, pressure vessels, boilers, water pipes and smoke, pipes and pressure pipes, heat exchangers, reactors, etc.) intended for the markets of USA, Canada, Mexico and other countries in the world 100.

ICIM has specific expertise in the evaluation of sustainability in different sectors, from the life-cycle of products, buildings, biofuels (first in Italy in the certification of biodiesel and biofuels).
ICIM is also the reference point in Italy for the certification of sustainable events according to ISO 20121.
Within the European project for the recognition of non-regulated professionals - to ensure harmonization of skills and skilled workers in areas where it is nullifying the quality of installation and maintenance - ICIM has obtained accreditation for certification of professionals and businesses operating with fluorinated greenhouse gases; welders, saldobrasatori and welders using polyethylene; Fire technicians and maintenance sector; locksmiths and technicians of safes; experts in energy management; professionals of the security; the extension of accreditation for the certification of operators post meter gas, experts in planning and management control banking, finance and insurance and experts in the LCA / EPD. ICIM works with UMAN-National Association of security companies and fire for the certification of operators of plants and fire products; together they have also developed a new scheme for the certified fire maintenance (inclusive of a QRCode - QRTIFY) that identifies and makes certification impossible to forge, guaranteeing the veracity of the certificates accompanying the products / services).
To develop synergies on sustainability in agriculture, ICIM has acquired a stake in Certiprodop, certification body of protected agricultural food production: PDO, PGI and TSG ..
Finally, ICIM also provides internationalization support services thanks to the internal expertise and collaboration of qualified partners who support companies for the compliance of products and projects to the countries of the former Soviet bloc.



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