Why join?

Join UMAN means joining a group of companies that are committed, through its activities, to provide the quality assurance market, assist in proper selection and maintenance of the product and ongoing training programs. Adhering to UMAN each company will contribute to the continuous improvement and promotion
dell'antincendio of culture.


  • SPREAD the culture of fire safety, cross the common communication tools;
  • Promote and support the information and training of operators in the fire-fighting sector;
  • COLLABORATE to support the development of technical and regulatory market
  • DIALOGUE with the institutions to protect the best interests of the category
  • REPRESENT increasingly becoming a point of reference for the Market

In addition to representing the fund fire to the institutions and technical bodies, both at national and European level, Uman enables member companies to take advantage of many services, from information about the law to care for the procedures related to certification product and system.
As part of the ANIMA by Confindustria, Uman can take advantage of all the authority and consideration of which this institution enjoys with the authorities, as well as conventions and services it offers.

The services offered are as follows:


  • support the purchase of UNI
  • free subscription to the magazine The Mechanical Industry, the head of the Federation ANIMA
  • conventions ANIMA


  • Access to confidential information on the website and on the website of the Federation Uman ANIMA
  • UMAN24 Newsletter, in partnership with Gruppo 24Ore
  • Institutional Brochure
  • Promotional and advertising material (roll-up, ...)
  • Press office of the Federation coordinated by the Communications ANIMA
  • Economic survey by the Research ANIMA
  • Trade Shows