Why join?

1. Network building
Being part of a network of more than 60 companies in the equipment and components for thermal plants capable of representing the interests of the industry.
Have greater political weight in the technical tables (UNI, CEN, ISO, associations and European Committees) and institutional (Confindustria, ministries, European Commission) to listen to the voice of entrepreneurs. Have greater visibility in the press economic, generalist and specialist.
Create opportunities to meet and discuss the issues of strategic interest to the business sector.

2. Promoting your product
Valuing the company, products and human capital through the association.
By participating in business moments interassociativi created by the Association.
Using channels / instruments or consolidation of access to foreign markets more dynamic and promising.

3. Access to vital information for your business
New regulations and laws both in Italy and abroad.
Trend of the markets.
Topics of specific interest (safety, environment, energy policy, industrial policy, counterfeiting, Made in, market surveillance, corporate loans, tax breaks, ...).
Calendar events and trade fairs, courses, meetings.

4. Being an active part in the evolution of market
Supporting its needs in the decision-making tables.
Interacting with the institutions (organizations, ministries, Parliament, Government, the European Commission) in a continuative way
Sharing experiences and good practices.
Taking advantage of advances and perspectives.
Constantly and timely updating one'own skills

5. Access to high value-added so privileged and preferential terms
Tailor-made training.
Funding for training.
Customs services.
Agreements with strategic business partners.

Companies associated with Italcogen get a range of services and supports that allow them to be always up to date and ready to compete effectively with other companies appearing on national and international markets.
Italcogen is able to provide timely assistance to its members in the legislative and regulatory environment, one of the main objectives of the association, in fact, is to provide advice about the correct interpretation of the directives and Community and national legislation. This enables companies to build and market systems compliant with current legislation.

The association, through the Federation, is able to play a significant lobbying at national and at European level
Italcogen is, in fact, an association of ANIMA, Federation of the Italian Associations of Mechanical industries, and the like, which in turn is part of Confindustria, and as such benefits from both of his representation before the authorities, and from all the conventions and services proposed.

At this link you will find five good reasons to join ANIMA.
To join you can Italcogen contact the Secretariat.