ITALCOGEN - Italian Association of Cogeneration System Manufacturers and Distributors

Inside ANIMAFederation of the Italian Associations of Mechanical industries, and the like, l 'Association Italcogen brings together manufacturers and distributors of cogeneration plants, heat recovery and fuel cells at national level.

The sector represented by the association produces a turnover of € 500 million and a share of export / turnover 18%. It thus represents an important chain of Italianll'efficienza and technologies for achieving the environmental objectives to 2020.

The market shares of our members represent the peaks of excellence in specific areas of bioenergy going to cover at least the 85% of the Italian market of biomass for liquid and solid biomass plants of small size (<3 MW) covering more dell'80% of the European market and a position relevant to the national and European biogas sector. Italcogen is in fact the association representing the leading manufacturers of machines and components for biomass plants for the production of electricity in cogeneration.

Italcogen is a member of Cogen Europe, the European industry association based in Brussels.