European projects and CODE CODE2

The CODE projects (CODE and CODE2) - Cogeneration Observatory and Dissemination Europe, supported by the European Commission through the IEE - Intelligent Energy Europe, were developed under the supervision of COGEN Europe with the aim of:

- Assess the growth potential of cogeneration in Europe
- Identify the barriers and mechanisms of support for cogeneration
- Highlight the opportunities for the development of cogeneration
- Draw a roadmap for the development of cogeneration.

Italcogen played a coordinating role for the
management of the first project and consulting for the second.

As the acronym indicates, the pirimo CODE project was conducted to obtain an assessment of the development potential of cogeneration following the issuance of the directive 2004 / 8 / EU "on the promotion of cogeneration based on a useful heat demand in the internal market energy and amending Directive 92 / 42 / EEC "

The second project, CODE2, was intended above all to create a roadmap for the development of cogeneration to 2020.

The project documents are available for download directly from the site CODE:

and in particular for the first project CODE:

for the second CODE project: