The goals of Climgas

The association has as main objectives:

• To promote the spread of air conditioning equipment made with thermally activated, using gas (natural gas, LPG, biogas, etc.) directly and indirectly, as a primary energy.

• Detect, disclose and provide technical data and news that will facilitate the proper use of gas equipment for air conditioning systems.

• Carry out promotional campaigns, research and technical studies, regulatory and unifying, research and statistics as well as economic and market conditions.

• Pursue with any appropriate means third parties that may cause damage, however, the activity of the association and create confusion in the market of air conditioning, affecting the interests of the members.

• Check or possibly established bodies must check that the equipment manufactured, or otherwise marketed, has the technical characteristics and yield corresponding to those contained in the catalogs and price lists.

• Maintain technical and cultural relations with other organizations and associations, including foreign, working in the field or in related fields; each conduct any activities that, although not expressly provided for, may be seen to fall in the purposes of the association.