industry promotion

Another aspect that has taken on a certain importance in the activity of AVR recent years was one that concerned the promotion of "Made in Italy" and the obligatory marking of origin. At the national manufacturers of valves and fittings have found themselves having to deal with difficulties related to the absence of rules and controls, mainly from Asian markets and the arrival of products of dubious quality, often real products "counterfeit" in appearance only similar to the corresponding "Made in Italy". The marking of origin mandatory assumes a fundamental role to ensure recognition of the quality and reliability of Italian products.

Even in the promotional efforts of AVR has been strengthened in an increasingly addressed the defense of Italian products in addition to and in support of efforts made by companies to consolidate the markets already conquered or to find new outlets.

With the aim of promoting the 'internationalization of companies, The association also played for businesses function of stimulus and support in complex markets and little known (eg, Azerbaijan, Russia ....). There have been numerous participations in major international exhibitions including the ISH trade fair in Frankfurt. Even in the domestic AVR has confirmed its commitment through participation in major trade fairs as MCE MCE. Also more in order to take advantage of the numerous opportunities offered by emerging markets, very important was the organization of sectoral missions like the one organized in October 2010 in Brazil. The Brazilian mission has in fact laid the foundations for a strengthening or a penetration in this market where, despite strong Asian competition, Italian companies have been able to identify market niches of great interest for their products.

Great importance has also served as the relations with the representatives of suppliers of raw materials (Assofond Assomet) and customers (Angaisa). The relations with the press today also rely on complete and updated information: statistical data, processed for members, are also popular with specialized publications for a general analysis of the market.

Recent years have also been intensified relationships with academia, Especially with SDA Bocconi and Politecnico di Milano.

Finally, there have been numerous initiatives in education. In particular, the most important offers about courses and technical updates focused on selection, purchase, use and maintenance of industrial valves.