Representation to protect the industry

The last decade has seen AVR then engaged on several fronts. One of the key areas in which the association has strengthened its commitment certainly concerns the technical and regulatory aspects. The last few years have seen it grow further, than was the case in previous decades, rules at Community level. AVR responded through numerous initiatives and services provided to the members. Very important in this regard was the 'pressure and sensitization activities carried out directly at the European institutions. Other key activities in this area have continued to be those concerning the technical and regulatory support to member companies and the participation by experts in working groups and technical committees in the European and international standards (UNI, CEN, ISO) for the development of specific regulations relating to our industryAnd the organization of several conferences regarding specific regulations. The main directives that have affected the industry in recent years have been: DWD 98 / 83 / EC (Drinking Water Directive), CPD 86 / 106 / CE (Construction product directive), PED 97 / 23 / EC (Pressure equipment directive). For the PED were organized several seminars and meetings between manufacturers and notified bodies to clarify the doubts of interpretation and more frequent. In addition, AVR has joined working groups Italian and European for the CPD and specifically for products and materials in contact with water intended for human consumption. Very intense was the work done by AVR during the process of revision of the CPD, which led to the publication of the new EU regulation no. 305 / 2011 the application of which will start from July 1 2013.

Among the initiatives developed by AVR in recent years include the Management Bureau and secretariat of CEN TC 236, Which led first to the creation of the new edition of EN 331 on the ball valves for gas (published in February 2011), and subsequently to the supervision of its correct application in the market.

Another issue of paramount importance is the Review of legislation in place in some European countries with regard to materials in contact with drinking water (In particular Germany, France, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom have formalized an agreement to align their national legislation on this issue, the so-called 4 Member States initiative).

The goal of 4MS is to converge into a single diagram the four national laws of these countries with respect to the materials in contact with drinking water (administrative co-operation between the voluntary 4MS was formalized through a "Statement of Intent")

Given the importance for the AVR industry it is following with great attention to this work, which will result, among other things, an increasingly common limitation of the lead content in the brass for products that come into contact with water. This theme also organized AVR numerous meetings with specialists in the field to update the builders on the evolution of legislation in place (remember among others the important event organized in April 2012 from the AVR to S. Maurizio D'Opaglio to which were invited all companies in the sector).

A key role in these activities, for a more effective coordination at European and international level between the various associations the sector has continued to cover it the CEIR, the Committee which brings together European manufacturers of valves and fittings. AVR has taken in this sense a starring role, organizing the aforementioned annual meeting of the CEIR in 2009 at Lapel (VB) and covering through the figure of Maurizio Brancaleoni (President-in the years 2009 2011) the leading role of the Committee. Very active was also participating in the work of ORGALIME, the European Grouping of connection of Mechanical, Electrical, Electronic and Metalworking Industries, formed in 2005. In June 2012 the CEIR has become an Associate Member of ORGALIME, strengthening cooperation and the role of both organizations.