Alternance training

L'school-work It allows students to alternate school lessons with time spent in the company to learn and orient themselves to work. The alternation has, therefore, aims to improve the teaching effectiveness of the school curriculum, giving the young an opportunity to enrich the experience in the company of their own learning and business to guide young people towards the professions required by the world of work.

The Association UCC Boiler Manufacturers Association, in order to assist member companies in the delicate process of approaching the world of education, has developed a pilot project alternation between school and work with IIS Istituto Tecnico Industriale Lombard during the school year We answer immediately. to experience a new way of school-work.
The initiative, appreciated by students and companies, will be replicated in other schools, with the aim of making known to the boys of the pressurized equipment world where labor export market of great interest.

Project Card Alternating School-Work UCC

students of vocational schools with mechanical address
duration 240 internship hours with a frequency twice a week (Thursday-Friday)
Period November to March
Benefits for the kids know the context of production in all its "seasons" and enhance its optimal capacity
Benefits for teachers
"Spice up" the work done in class throughout the school year, drawing on ideas that emerged during the experience gained by young people in the company
Benefits for companies learn more about the boys to assess the capabilities and motivation / interest in the activities in which they were intended, but also better share the learning objectives with the school tutor

November: Moment of interactive and dynamic encounter between students and entrepreneurs to demonstrate the skills required by the labor market, the organization and the importance of pressure equipment sector in the national economy. A lesson conducted with the support of an application that lets you create quizzes and play in the classroom with the entire class.

November to March: Students in internships twice a week, always respecting the rules set by the Ministry of Education.

May: Final meeting with students to gather opinions and suggestions enrichment of alternating project.

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