Training 2019

The Builders Association boiler UCC certain to provide an important service for companies operating in the Boiler industry, is pleased to present the new calendar courses. The calendar, as it was conceived, offers training moments markedly tailored to the needs of the entire sector that operates in the Pressure Equipment and covers the most critical aspects of the various problems that can be encountered in the world of Caldareria.


Design of pressure vessels using the finite element method (Design by Analysis) - 3 days
13-14-15 March 2019 - Milan
The course, conducted in collaboration with EnginSoft, will be directed specifically to the description and presentation of procedures and modeling and analysis solutions for typical problems associated with the design of pressure vessels. Through practical and theoretical basis to run the Design by Analysis, the course will develop along the logical scheme proposed by the technical regulations ASME VIII Div.2 part 5 with references and comparisons with the European standard EN 13445 In this sense it will be encouraged the use of practical case studies proposed to the participants interactively.

Post Welding Treatment Course (PWHT) - 1 day
10 June 2019 - Milan

The course, carried out in collaboration with AIM, intends to describe the correct methods of welding execution both for general purpose construction steels and for special construction steels when it is necessary to provide for the removal of residual stresses and eliminate any microstructures characterized by high fragility. illustrating their applicability and explaining the results obtainable with their interpretations.
It will also focus on practical cases and on the necessary precautions to avoid dangerous situations for the integrity of the systems and the safety of people.
The module aims to provide the practical and theoretical bases to understand the principles of post-welding treatments and to obtain the maximum results from a coordinated action between the actors involved in the production process that involves assembly through welding operations.

TenarisUniversity: materials for applications in temperature, characteristics and fields of application - 1 day
25 September 2019 - TenarisUniversity | Dalmine
The course, carried out in collaboration with TenarisUniversity, offers a complete overview of processes and materials for temperature applications. Within the course, particular attention will be paid to the changes introduced by the ASME BPV Ed. 2019 Code on creep-resistant steels (T91, THOR®115). Thanks to the Tenaris teaching, in the first part of the day the main production issues will be discussed in the classroom. The second part will include a visit to the TenarisDalmine plants.

Fitness For Service course - 3 days
21-22-23 October 2019 - Milan
In the field of structural integrity checks of pressure devices, verification procedures such as the Fitness For Service methodology are widely used. This methodology is based on the assessment of the degree of security commensurate with the time of further practicability with the permanence of any defects found.
The Builders Association of Caldareria and Enginsoft organize a three-day course focused on the methodology with the intent of taking stock of the situation, both as regards the state of the art and for its future applications and prospects.

Non-Destructive Testing Course - 3 days
The course hours, related to each of the methods addressed, will be valid as training hours per 3 Level, according to EN ISO 9712.
The course, carried out in collaboration with Studio Dinelli, offers the fundamental knowledge of the requirements for the certification of the personnel involved, of the most frequently used techniques, of the equipment and equipment to be used in the main test methods that affect the Caldareria: Visual Exams, Penetrating Liquids , Magnetoscopy, Radiography and Ultrasound. The course, divided into three days will also provide an overview of the limitations, advantages and disadvantages of the various methods examined.

Course The tests and laboratory tests to support the fight against corrosion - 1 day
21 November 2019 - Milan
This course in collaboration with RTM BREDA, wants to offer an overview of the main tests in use to support designers in the fight against corrosion.
Corrosion is one of the main causes of degradation of metallic materials, with impact both from a functional and aesthetic point of view. Damage can often lead to malfunctioning and even breakage of structural components. In the choice of materials and / or anti-corrosion surface treatments we make use of theoretical knowledge and previous experience, but the infinite combination of parameters influencing different materials (chemical composition, aggressive agents, pH, temperature, stress state, etc.) makes often useful, when not necessary, to use laboratory tests and exams to guide the choice or validate it.