CTI - Italian Heat Committee

The CTI is a body federated with the National Unification Body (UNI). It has neither political nor profit goals and, as an entity federated with UNI, it has the purpose of carrying out, in the National and International sphere, regulatory and unification activities in the various sectors of thermotechnics and the production and use of thermal energy in general, including the relative environmental implications. http://www.cti2000.it/

UCC historically participates in:

GL 303 "Design and construction of pressure equipment and industrial furnaces"
In turn divided into:
- GL 303 / 01 SG "Pressure vessels not subject to flame" - Mirror Committee of CEN / TC 054 (Unfired pressure vessels)
- GL 303 / 02 SG "water-tube boilers and smoke" - Mirror Committee of CEN / TC269 (Shell and water-tube boilers)

In these two sub-groups are discussed mainly issues related to the design. Since the design of pressure equipment exclusive matter of European Directives, the Working Group has the function of "Mirror Committee", which defines the position of the national standards that are published by the European Committees TC and TC 269 54 (eg . to EN 13445).

GL 305 "Exercise and protective installations pressure"
In turn divided into:
- GL 305 / SG 0A "Conduction of steam generators and / or superheated water"
- GL 305 / SG 0B "Exercise and testing equipment / pressure assemblies"

GLM 305 / 01 SG "Protection and control pressure systems" - Mixed Group CTI-UNI