Ethical code

Assosegnaletica, Italian Association of Road Signs, poses among its strategic objectives to represent companies that share a high ethical and professional standards and play an active role in economic development and industrial Italian.

Assosegnaletica, through its members is committed to implementing a transparent and comply with patterns of behavior inspired by the autonomy, integrity, ethical behavior and to develop consistent actions.
The member will have to be shared in the pursuit of the objectives and subject to the relevant procedures, as each unethical behavior not only causes consequences in the associative field, but will damage the image of the entire category and the system at the public opinion, legislature and government.

The ethical behavior can not be evaluated only in terms of strict compliance with the laws and statutes of the association.
It is based on steadfast commitment to ask themselves - in different situations - with the highest standards of behavior.
The company associated with the person of its legal representative is committed to taking a fair and correct attitude towards customers, suppliers and competitors.

In particular the members, in addition to being bound by the laws and the Code of Ethics of Confindustria, undertake to consider the primary goal of customer satisfaction in accordance with the following principles:

• Maintain loyal and correct behaviors towards customers, suppliers, competitors, of their workers;

• Avoid choosing suppliers that are known:
- Implement an employment policy incompatible with the Community rules and, in particular, exploit child labor;
- Employ hazardous materials to the environment in which they operate, their workers and the end user;
- Use materials or solutions do not comply with current legislation and that may put at risk the end-user security.

• Avoid any form of communication that can denigrate and undermine the work of others;
- Keep scrupulously constant quality standards of its products and its conformity with the certified prototypes;
- Work to ensure grow in users the proper knowledge of the characteristics of road signs, for a choice and use accurate and conform to legislation and technical legislation, appropriate and suitable to help prevent and reduce road accidents;

• Treat carefully the technical preparation of its vendors so that they can properly advise clients in their choices and ensure adequate after-sales service, taking into account the importance - for safety - the correct operation and placement of road signs;

• Activate promptly - in the event of proven defects on non-compliance of a product already marketed before this defect can cause any harm to the user - a recall of the product and customer information on the precautions to be taken, and put the safety of the user to any other consideration.

In this context, and as a result SOUL Assosegnaletica, believe substantial element of the whole system the duty to:
• preserve and enhance the reputation of the entrepreneurial class which autonomous social force, responsible and ethically correct;
• contribute concretely, first through its own behavior, improvement of the country system.

The verification of compliance with the rules of conduct and the application of penalties laid down, are to be entrusted to the colleges of ANIMA of Arbitrators and Confindustria.

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