Training ASSOSEGNALETICA / Soul in collaboration with FORMAMEC

ASSOSEGNALETICA adhering to ANIMA / Confindustria offers training courses based on the experience of producers / operators in the road sign sector and using FORMAMEC, a body specialized in training and funding for training.

Worksite safety for road workers and supervisors
(Under the DIM 04 / 03 / 2013 to integration of the State-Regions Leg. N.81 / 2008)

The Interministerial Decree 04 / 03 / 2013 obliges MANAGERS OF INFRASTRUCTURE and OF CONTRACTORS, executors or foster to train their workers and responsible for safety, indicating the minimum criteria for the installation, maintenance and removal of signs of demarcation and reporting of work activities that take place in the presence of vehicular traffic. Such training, from the compulsory nature, must be considered supplementary and not replace training art. 37 of the Decree. 81 / 08 mandatory for all workers.

recipients: Officers and employees in the activities of planning, control and affixing of road signs in employment in the presence of vehicular traffic.

Course TRAINING WORKERS (minimum 8 hours)
Course TRAINING OFFICERS (minimum 12 hours)
During UPDATE EMPLOYEES / SUPERVISORS (minimum 3 hours) *
* The subjects, who at the date of entry into force of the Decree can be demonstrated to operate already in the field for at least 12 months, are required to make only the refresher course.

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