Assosegnaletica manual - Signs Vertical

ASSOSEGNALETICA, the association that brings together manufacturers and installers of vertical and horizontal signage, adhering to ANIMA (Federation of National Associations of Mechanical Industry Varia and Affine of Confindustria), has edited this publication in order to provide a framework of technical information that characterize the Vertical Road Signage (Permanent) following the entry into force, from January 1 2013, the obligation of the CE marking.

The manual is addressed to Public Administrations - as road owners and infrastructure maintenance managers - and to all those who are in need of procuring, installing or supplying this type of signage.

A slim publication, the practical approach, with an eye to those technologies that improve the performance of road signs, ensuring a higher degree of safety for road users.

Particular attention was paid to the language, which we tried to make simple and accessible, also thanks to connection tables - both for structural performance and for retro-reflective performance - which will certainly be of assistance to the technical offices of institutions for reading abbreviations shown on signals and supports.

We point out also that he edited Assosegnaletica also an instrument of use and depth to facilitate the better use of the signs in road sections in "temporarily reduced capacity", where the smooth running of the circulation is disturbed: the Interactive Manual by Shipyard Signs which it is available on
Here are the standards and reporting schemes, and it is made practical both access to information, and any printing. Access to information is also possible "on the road", as the display has also been optimized for portable devices, such as tablets and smartphones. The display of the tables - organized by modules - simplifies the search, accessing them by type of road and duration of the site.