CE marking of road signs (permanent)

From January 1 2013 the road signs (permanent) must be CE marked according to the European harmonized standard UNI EN 12899: 2008. Moreover, with the entry into force on July 1 2013 of the Construction Products Regulation (CPR) 305 / 2011 / EU, which replaces the Construction Products Directive (CPD), is an important innovation was introduced: the performance declarations product replacing the declarations of conformity of the product.

In view of the above, for the purposes of UNI EN 12899: 2008 at national level, the Ministry suggests the directive of August 5 2013 refer to UNI 11480: 2013 for the definition of technical and functional requirements of road signs, pointing out among other things the resistance values ​​of the wind, taking account of the national average. The UNI 11480: 2013, published on March 7 2013, aims to put the management bodies of the streets in a position to draw up a contract (technical) for the section of road signs in accordance with the rules and to allow the application the standards in accordance with Regulation execution and implementation of the new rules of the road, implementing regulations, circulars and in the recent UNI and UNI EN in terms of road safety.
The value of the UNI 11480: 2013 - produced with the contribution of the Ministry, from many different manufacturers and associated Assosegnaletica of operators in the road - is to create a divide between net compliant products and different. For this reason, Assosegnaletica you are doing an active part in spreading it to producers and users of the supply chain streets, calling them with their respective responsibilities: the first (manufacturers, agents, importers and distributors) are held accountable for the production, placing on the market and trade in the products, the second (designers, project managers or construction sites, users, companies or public and private) are responsible for the purchase and use of road signs that must be provided with CE marking.

It is noted that the June 16 2016 the new edition of the UNI 11480 "Guideline for the definition of technical and functional requirements of road signs (permanent) in application to UNI EN 12899-1: 2008 ", which includes the indications of the Ministry of Infrastructures and Transport (MIT) contained in the Directive Prot. Of August 4867 5 2013 - "Instructions and Guidelines for the supply and installation of road signs" and updated with Prot. Directive no. 5373 of the 7 September 2017

For more detail go Assosegnaletica manual - Signs Vertical.

It is reported that the July 10 2017 has been published Legislative Decree 16 June 2017 n. 106 Adaptation of national legislation to the provisions of Regulation (EU) no. 305 / 2011 (CPR), which sets harmonized conditions for the marketing of construction products (including vertical signage) and repealing the 89 / 106 / EC Directive.

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