Studies and Publications

Assosegnaletica manual - Signs Vertical
April 2017

Acts Roundtable - Rules of the road: interpretation and application, the critical issues
Rome, September 30 2010

Acts Roundtable - Rationalisation and safety of the municipal roads. The Project of the City of Albignasego
Albignasego, December 16 2009

Acts Roundtable - From Malasegnaletica to good practices, an uphill ... possible.
Rome, June 25 2009

Acts Roundtable - Best Practices from Alba. Signal safe: instructions for use
Dawn, May 25 2009

Acts Roundtable - Malasegnaletica, a reality underestimated. The obstacle course of legislation and the needs of market participants disregarded
Rome, November 4 2008

Cognitive survey on road safety: final document approved by Commission IX - Transport, Posts and Telecommunications of the Chamber of Deputies.

XVI legislature - ANIA Proposals for the insurance industry

Black Point Dossier by the ANIA Foundation: 1 ° Monitor Statistical frenzy on road safety.
15 Maggio 2008