Water kiosks

AQUA ITALY, Association of construction companies and manufacturers of plants for the primary water treatment, has always been committed to spreading a new culture of water aimed at saving the valuable resource, reducing energy waste and, above all, to guarantee the maintaining strict requirements of drinking water quality from the meter to the point of use.

A growing problem in recent years are the Water Kiosks, evolution of the old fountains, which now deliver in many Italian towns refined drinking water, chilled and carbonated. In addition to providing a useful service to the citizens who can then save in a decisive way on the purchase of water, also gives a strong hand to the environment. In fact, without limitation, the annual harvest of 300.000 liters from a public kiosk gives:

- 200.000 1,5 liter PET bottles in less;
- 60.000 kg of PET less (30gr per bottle) to start the recovery or disposal;
- 1.380 CO2 kg less for the non-production of PET;
- 7.800 kg of CO2 less for the transport of the bottles (estimated at an average of 350 km of transport).

Operational Manual on water kiosks - 5th Edition - 2017

Manual of good hygiene practice for the distribution of refined, chilled and / or carbonated water from automatic distribution units open to the public validated by the Ministry of Health - 2014 Edition