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ECOBONUS and / or BONUS CASA 2019 | From 11 in March 2019 the two new ENEA sites are on line for the transmission of data relating to energy saving interventions that access the tax deductions with the end date of works in the 2019, which can benefit from the Ecobonus (tax deduction for energy upgrading) and / or Home bonus (tax deduction for 50% building renovation)

The sites are both reachable also at the following addresses: or from the page For both incentive measures from the page it is possible to consult and download the relevant reference documents such as:

- llist of interventionsi (including dismantling and dismantling of the existing winter or partial air-conditioning system, the supply and installation of all the thermal, mechanical, electrical and electronic equipment, the hydraulic and masonry works necessary for replacement according to the law) art of winter air conditioning systems with systems equipped with condensing boilers.In the admissible interviews are included, in addition to those related to the evnutal interventions on the distribution network, water treatment systems

- a quick guide

- a vademecum

- a list of FAQs

- and a guide from the Revenue Agency

We recall that the deadline for the transmission of data to ENEA, for both tax deduction mechanisms, is 90 days from the date of completion of the works, while for interventions whose end date is between the 1 ° January 2019 and 11 March 2019, the 90 days deadline will start from 11 March, the day the website was put online.

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ECOBONUS 2018 | See Guide to energy saving facilities of the Revenue Agency and the PORTAL ENEA dedicated to tax deductions.
"In the eligible interventions are included, in addition to those relating to the heat generator, also any interventions on the distribution network, on the water treatment systems, on control and regulation devices, as well as on emission systems. "(Page 26 / 27 | Revenue Agency Guide Updated October 2018)

ECOBONUS 2016 | Lorenzo Tadini, Vice President of AQUA ITALIA, explains the deductions for water treatment in 5 minutes. Watch and listen to the video >>

ECOBONUS 2015 | Lauro Prati, President of AQUA ITALIA, explains the benefits of water treatment in 1 minute
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ECOBONUS 2014 | There AQUA ITALIA guideline on energy saving and building renovations. Tax deductions related to domestic water treatments.

The stability law for 2014 (147 27 2013 December 31) has extended until the 2014 December XNUMX the deductions of expenses for energy saving and renovation of the building stock.
Expenses are deductible to the extent of 65% if incurred between 6 Jun 2013 and 31 December 2014 and 50% if supported by 1 January 2015 31 2015 December 65. In the case of interventions on common parts of the condominium buildings, the rates will be 2015% for the first half 50 and 2015% for those incurred from the second half 2016 in the first half 2008.Sin from XNUMX, moreover, it is possible to facilitate the purchase of high efficiency heat pumps, low enthalpy geothermal plants and all the products that are generally connected to the installation of boilers. In particular, the law only provides for the replacement of a winter air-conditioning system with a condensing boiler, so that in the price of this asset are also included softening filters, dosing systems and products for the conditioning of domestic water and heating circuitsthey can also be facilitated.

ECOBONUS 2011 | Revenue Agency clarifications. Circular N.20 / E 13 May 2011. IRPEF-Questions and answers>>.

2.3 Domestic water softeners
D. Water softeners to reduce the limescale of domestic water systems can benefit from the IRPEF deduction of 36% and the VAT rate of 10%.
R. The IRPEF deduction and the reduced VAT rate are only admissible if the installation of domestic softeners entails structural modifications incorporating extraordinary maintenance works of the dwelling and / or related facilities, as defined in circular no. 57 / E of 24 February 1998 at par. 3.4.