Why join?

Be part of AQUA ITALIA means to take advantage of expertise and technical knowledge, regulatory, legislative, economic statistics, national and international promotion and marketing, communication and institutional relations.
In particular, through the association it is possible:

• to have access to essential information for their business (legislative and regulatory changes at the national and international market trends) in order to seize anticipations and upgrade their skills;
• help to write the rules of the market, strong experience and best practices shared with the operators;
• support the needs of the sector at national and international level both within the technical tables (UNI, CEN, ISO, associations and European Committees) and institutional (Confindustria, ministries, European Commission);
• to promote your own product seizing the opportunities of visibility and upgrading of enterprises that the Association offers (workshops, conferences, publications, brochures, membership, media relations, digital PR, social networks ...).

Association AQUA ITALIA is MCE - Mostra Convegno Expocomfort partner