Studies and Publications

The Aqua Italian Association since its inception has created and made available to its member companies a series of publications which illustrates the treatment of Aqua: a mass of knowledge accumulated over the years in large part the result of the valuable support of entrepreneurs.

Guidelines for the prevention of Legionella in Cooling Towers
by ATS Brescia with the contribution of experts AIB, AQUA ITALIA Anima Confindustria and ASSOCLIMA Anima Confindustria - 1 Edition December 2018

Operational Manual on water kiosks by AQUA ITALIA Anima, UTILITALIA and AIAQ - Fifth Edition - 2017

Operational Manual on water kiosks by AQUA ITALIA Anima and UTILITALIA - Fourth Edition - 2015

Guidelines for information on water treatment equipment intended for human consumption >>
by Rossella Colagrossi (Ministry of Health) and Luca Lucentini (Higher Health Institute) with the contribution of AQUA ITALIA experts Anima Confindustria - 2015 Edition

Guide to good practice for the distribution of refined water, chilled and / or sparkling water from automatic distribution units open to the public edited by AQUA ITALIA Anima and UTILITALIA, validated by the Ministry of Health - 2014 Edition