Assoclima and its objectives

The fundamental objective of Assoclima is to contribute, through an active and extensive participation of the members, to the constant improvement of the efficiency of products, to pursue the highest ecological consciousness, inseparable in the care of the welfare of people and the environment.

In this spirit Assoclima formula inside the guidelines of technological development and participates with its experts in all technical committees of standardization and unification on the field.

Improvement and technological innovation, continuous dialogue and open discussion with domestic and international partners, are the qualifying issues that Assoclima develops within EUROVENT, UNI, CEI, CEN, CENELEC, ISO, IEC and other equivalent bodies.

For this Assoclima promotes:

- The introduction of quality systems in companies;
- The establishment of certification bodies and laboratories;
- adaptation to community regulations;
- The participation of associated trade fairs, exhibitions and conferences in Italy and abroad.

Assoclima and services to members

Safety, energy saving and environmental protection are pursued by Assoclima through an efficient system of services to their members:

- Legislative technical: Technical support and participation in legislative work (national and European) to ensure optimum levels of performance and safety of components;

- Certification: The association maintains relationships with leading certification bodies, conclude agreements and conventions to members and promotes the product quality certification and the companies;

- Product Testing: Assoclima is the promoter of the realization of the test laboratory for aeraulic equipment in Amaro (Friuli Venezia Giulia), which is run by IMQ Clima;

- Market research: Development of structural and economic analysis of the sector, in particular market studies (domestic, export) for each sector, accompanied by charts, summary tables and comments. Assoclima elaborates a survey on an annual basis concerning the market in "components for air conditioning" in Italy and abroad and a quarter;

- Conventions and trade shows: Organization of conferences and workshops on specific subjects also open to non-members, participation in similar initiatives of other organizations;

- Training: Development of measures to encourage the adjustment of the associated evolution of products and production systems

- Theinformation: Collection and dissemination of information on national and European legislation and the activities of the committees and of standardization committees;

- Representation: The association representing the views of the members towards the Italian public authorities and international certification;

- Promotion: Assoclima promotes discussion and debate among the members, directing them to the qualitative development of the sector;

- Publishing: Publication of guides, handbook, Lines of legislation Support, aimed at designers, installers and builders;

- Website and social networks: tools where members can find all the information concerning the sector; place dedicated to end users on heat pumps.