technical Commission

President of the Technical Commission CT: Mr. Michele Albieri - Hidros Srl

La Technical Committee CT Assoclima has the function to assess and coordinate activities and technical regulations of the association and of the technical groups of the product.

Within the association the Product groups Technical are determined on a commodity and have the function of monitoring the evolution of technical-specific regulation of the products and equipment manufactured by member companies. Each Technical Group is coordinated by the respective parent company.

The management and coordination of the committee is entrusted to the President of the CT CT, appointed by the Executive Council and the General Assembly of the members.

The Technical Committee is open to all member companies, is represented by the leaders of the technical groups of product and meets regularly on behalf of the President for the analysis of the main technical issues of interest to the association. The main activities within the CT are as follows:

• identification and investigation of technical issues related to the performance and compliance of the equipment, the
safety, the environment, energy efficiency, labeling to develop new regulations or promote
revision of outdated or burdensome regulations for the sector;

• monitoring on key issues regarding technical regulations, relating to the field of machines for the
conditioning, ventilation, air treatment and air conditioning in the annual cycle in relation to the activities
carried out:
- At national level in the UNI (Italian Organization for Standardization) and CTI (Italian Heat Technology Committee);
- At European level in the CEN (European Committee for Standardization);
- At international level in the ISO (International Organization for Standardization);

• participation in the European Committees of Manufacturers (Eurovent, EHPA);
• development of technical documents to support the work of the Steering Committee;
• production of documents (for use by members or to the public) on the state of the law or on important issues
technical nature;
• preparation of position papers and supporting technical documentation.

The CT is therefore intended to provide members with specialist support and information in line with the Technical Committee and Product Groups Eurovent and in collaboration with universities and scientific associations European and non-European.

Among the primary objectives is to contribute to improving the competitiveness of Italian companies, to disseminate knowledge on the state of the art, to propose subjects for research and development of new technologies, new materials and products of interest, to develop and improve the image of the builders and the quality of Italian products in the international arena.

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