1 group - Fans

Group Leader: Mr. Dario Brivio - Nicotra Gebhardt Spa
Within Assoclima, the Group 1 is formed by the major domestic manufacturers of ventilators civil, commercial and industrial.

Definition merchandise
The fans are essential devices for the movement of air; around them has developed all science aeraulic and, together with the refrigeration circuit, constitute the basis of the air conditioning.
These are machines which give the air that passes through them the mechanical energy required to overcome the friction (pressure drop) opposite from the circuit that it must go.

Three types are generally used:

- centrifugal fans or cross flow in which a rotor with suction mouth orthogonal to a series
of palette, rotates in a ciocciola or auger and creates the pressure of the airflow by centrifugal force;

- Axial fans or axial in which an impeller with blades of different configuration in a rotating ring, which
constitutes the body of the fan, gives the air pressure needed to cross it;

- Centrifugal fan-coil also called mixed flow, in which a centrifugal geirante acts in a corspo to
cylindrical shape so that the air flow remains unchanged.

In recent years there has been developed in the applications of indoor units of residential split and fan coils another type of centrifugal impeller, so-called tangential flow: it is an impeller used to ensure maximum flow uniformity along a linear development flow, without generating significant heads. The fan manufacturers provide characteristic curves of the types of fans produced for selection and adjustment.

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