Group 6A - Water Coolers

Group Leader: Mr. Mariano Covolo - Mitsubishi Electric Hydronics & IT Cooling Systems SpA

Within Assoclima, 6 Group A is made up of the leading manufacturers of water-cooled chillers and air.

Definition merchandise
I water chillers or liquid equipment are completely assembled in the factory, consisting of a refrigerating system which cools water or antifreeze liquid (according to the evaporation temperature and the impressed to the liquid): the water or the antifreeze liquid is in turn used as a secondary fluid for the transport thermal energy (cold, in this case) from a centralized location to the air handling unit (usually located in the same office) and / or terminals environment (located on the premises to be conditioned).

Main distinction between them is the production system of the cold:

- A vapor compression -
using the saturated vapor of a suitable fluid which is compressed in a compressor,
liquefied in a condenser, an evaporator where expanded through evaporates, it removes heat from water
cool ("chilled water") to cycle through rientare in the suction of the compressor;

- Absorption - using a refrigerantedissolto in a solvent which, through the intake of external heat, is
separates from the latter part of the complex in a call generator, condenses in the condenser to be able to
be used, and then evaporates on contact with the chilled water (to which removes heat) and finally recombines with
the solvent in the absorber. Absorption chillers are divided into groups absorption of fallout
heat and direct-fired absorption chillers

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