6B Group - Independent air conditioners with power greater than 12 kW

Group Leader: Mr. Claudio Carano - Clivet Spa

Within Assoclima, the 6 Group B consists of the main manufacturers of air conditioners.

Definition merchandise
I air conditioners or air conditioners are autonomous devices that do not require that other components or accessories if not the connection to a source of motive power and a direct communication with the outside air or, sometimes, the connection to a water supply. Such systems are completely assembled in the production phase and allow to treat the ambient air (of one or more local) in a continuous manner, repetitive and controlled to bring it to thermo hygrometric conditions default. The air conditioner, in addition to vary and adjust the thermo hygrometric air, controls the purity through a filtration system and ensure its distribution for directly or through appropriate ducting. In some cases, the air conditioner also provides for the renewal of the ambient air through the entry of a part of outdoor air that is treated with the recirculation mode. An air conditioner is constituted by:

- A refrigeration system consists essentially of a refrigeration compressor, a condenser coil
with relative circulation fan for the disposal of the total heat of compression towards the outside, a device
expansion, an evaporator for cooling and dehumidifying the air;

- A fan for moving air cooled, typically of the centrifugal type;

- An ambient air inlet grille placed in front of the filters;

- A filtration system, generally placed at the entrance of the aspiration of ambient air;

- A set of directional fins to control the flow of air flow, directly into the environment or to connect to

- a thermostat for controlling the air temperature, controlled by a temperature probe, usually placed

in the recovery of the ambient air

- An electrical panel with control panel.

The two categories in which they differ conditioners are related to the system used to cool the condenser:

1. conditioners, water-cooled, uncommon, in heat pump known also as Water Source Heat Pump

2. Air-cooled air conditioners which, in their turn, are distinguished:
● room air conditioners, for which the 6E Group is reserved

● conditioners for roof (roof top)

● cabinet air conditioners (self-contained unit) that the EU Regulation 2016 / 2281 considers roof-top

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