6C group - Terminal units

Group Leader: Mr. Luca Binaghi - Sabiana Spa

Within Assoclima, 6 Group C consists of the main manufacturers of terminal units.

Definition merchandise
Le terminal units peripheral equipment are an integral part of the air conditioning, located in the premises affected, responsible to engage further in the all-air systems (in addition to centralized treatment) input air in that specific local (through mixing of flows, post-heating , variation in flux, etc..) or in mixed systems (air-water) the total treatment of the ambient air (secondary air) to meet all or part of the heating or cooling loads existing there. The terminals of the environment are of three types:

1. mixing boxes: terminal equipment environment that control the amount, speed, pressure, temperature and humidity air to be introduced in the environments, mixing, heating or treating with other techniques that coming from the duct distribution for reasons other than the nature of the project comes from plant- Handling Units stationary conditions or in any case.
2. inducers: terminal equipment of environment, now abandoned, for the treatment of mixed systems in local air
air-water interface. In this type of installation a central air handling unit is the primary air (which shall balance the fixed loads and controls the relative humidity) and sends it to the various rooms through ducts at high speed -
this air is fed into the terminal through induction nozzles in order to draw air from the room
(Secondary air) which, passing through a water coil connected to the central chiller group, is mixed with the first.
3. fan: room terminals equipment containing a thermal exchange battery water-air, a centrifugal or tangential fan, a filter and a series of adjustable fins for air distribution - all
enclosed in a cabinet to be placed vertically or horizontally on the floor to the ceiling or wall. The heat capacity of the fan varies from about 1000 W about W 10.000 10 usually divided into sizes; air flow rates vary respectively from 70 L / s to about 500 L / s.

In combined systems air-water flow fixed primary air treated in central is distributed in the premises and provides balance loads latent (humidity) and other fixed loads, and loads local variables (insolation, Pernone, etc..) Are balanced which is distributed by the fan coil chilled water from a water chiller group located in the exchange.

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