6E Group - Independent power conditioners up to 12 kW

Group Leader: Mr. Stefania Bracco - Daikin A / C Italy SpA

The PG6E product group was set up in January 2017 to allow manufacturers of direct expansion systems up to 12 kW to join ASSOCLIMA with the European association APPLiA Europe (Home Appliance Europe).

This is therefore a more strategic work group which provides for a supplementary and variable shareholding quota by turnover brackets to finance the subscription to APPLIA Europe. Basically, the issues and topics of interest to the group, such as in particular RAEE, F-gas, ErP, Market Surveillance, are focused on products for home-residential air conditioning and, specifically, on:

- Portable (single and double duct)
-split, multi split and mini VRF up to 12 kW.

Membership of the new product group is open to all interested companies provided they produce or market at least one of the product categories specified above.