9 Group - Cooling Towers

Group Leader: dr. Alessandro Fontana - Mita Srl

Within Assoclima, the Group 9 consists of some of the leading manufacturers of cooling towers.

Definition merchandise
Le cooling towers are equipment for cooling water destined to water-cooled condensers: the need to avoid excessive consumption of spring water has led to use devices called Cooling Towers that by leading the water into an air stream to allow a minimal part of it to evaporate - the latent heat necessary to the evaporation is subtracted from the mass of water, cooling it. The cooling towers are slaved to water chillers and different technologies:

- towers axial suction where the water is distributed by a rotating arm with nozzles on a parcel honeycomb; a
axial electric fan creates an air current in the opposite direction to the water fall, current that provides a
partial evaporation of the total mass of the water that cools due to the latent evaporation yielded;

- towers centrifugal flow that, always in counterflow, exploiting centrifugal fans that blow air
through the pack;

- cross-flow towers in which the air is forced to horizontally cross the vertical water flow;

- closed circuit towers in which the water is allowed to flow over the heat exchanger occurs when the

Il packing or filling is the means through which the two flows of air and water are in contact. To avoid the formation of limestone tower water is partly or continuously replaced with water renewal (bleed-off) in variable percentages according to the degree of hardness of the treated water.

Website of the cooling towers group: www.torridiraffreddamento.it.

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