Mirror Group Flammable Refrigerants

Mirror Group CEN / TC 182 / WG12 and CTI / CT 244 "Flammable Refrigerants"

The European Commission (M555 Mandate) has asked CEN and CENELEC to prepare legislation with "technical specifications" concerning the safe use of flammable refrigerants, in particular those classified A3, with a final report within 15 February 2021.
CEN and CENELEC accepted, entrusting the task to CEN / TC 182, that in the 6 and 7 Plenary March 2018 established the specific WG 12, whose kick-off meeting will take place on 17-18 May 2018.
This Standard Document will be flanked as a general criterion to current product standards that already deal with limited use of flammable refrigerants, standards that can not substitute for national decrees regulating the use of such refrigerants in specific applications.
In this section, by accessing the reserved area, we can also follow the work of CEN / TC 182 / WG 6 which deals with the revision of EN 378.

NB: As issued on the mandate of the European Commission, the Standardization Document should serve to overcome the current legislative obstacles to the general use of these refrigerants and allow the various National Firemen's Bodies to adopt uniform criteria for risk analysis. on the whole national territory, if not on the European one.

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