Legislative standards

La standardization is a voluntary process based on consensus amongst different actors of the economy (industry, consumers, employees, public authorities, etc.). Is implemented by independent standards bodies, acting at national, European and international level.
According to European Directive 98 / 34 / EC June 22 1998 of the "standard"Is a technical specification approved by a recognized body to carry out legislation for repeated or continuous application, compliance with which is not compulsory and which is one of the following categories:
• International Standard (ISO)
• European Standard (EN)
• national standard (UNI)

Actors national, European and international standardization
European Commission. European Union institution which regulates, among other things, European standardization. It has the task of writing directives under the New Approach and gives mandates to CEN, CENELEC and ETSI to write harmonized standards.
EFTA. The association of free trade, which includes Iceland, Lichtenstein, Norway and Switzerland, participates in European Standardisation under the EEA treaty.
CEN. Organization of European standardization multi-sector active in all areas except in the electro technical and telecommunications.
CENELEC. European organization responsible for standardization in the electrical engineering.
ETSI. European organization active in the field of telecommunications.
ISO. International multisectoral Standardization organization active in all fields except electrical engineering and telecommunications.
IEC. International organization responsible for standardization in the electrical engineering.
National Standardisation Organisations. They write the national standards and implement European and some international, with their national legislation.
Italian member of CEN and ISO UNI, which for arguments in its energy characteristics and thermal engineering has delegated the CTI.
Italian member of CENELEC IEC.


CTI (Italian Heat Technology Committee)





GL 501

Air-conditioning systems: design, installation, testing and performance (UNI / TS-11300 3)

TC 156

TC 144
TC 205

GL 502

Materials, components and systems for the purification and filtration of air, gases and fumes

TC 195

TC 144
TC 117
TC 142

GL 503

Cooling systems: heat pumps, air conditioners, heat exchangers, compressors

TC 110
TC 113

TC 086
086 TC / SC 2
086 TC / SC 4
086 TC / SC 6
086 TC / SC 3

GL 504

Refrigerating equipment: safety and environmental protection

TC 182

TC 086
086 TC / SC 1
086 TC / SC 8

GL 505

Refrigerating equipment: industrial and commercial refrigeration

TC 044

TC 086
086 TC / SC 7





GL 601

Heating systems - Design, energy needs and security (UNI / TS 11300 2-and-11300 4)

TC 228

TC 205

GL 602

Heating systems - Exercise, operation, maintenance, field measurements and inspections

TC 228

GL 604

Components of heating systems - Production of heat generators for liquid fuel, gaseous and solid

TC 047
TC 057

TC 109

CTI / GL 605

Components of heating - Issue of heat (radiators, convectors, floor panels, ceiling, wall, strips radians)

TC 130

TC 116

GL 606

Components of heating systems - Distribution networks

TC 105
TC 247

GL 608

Geothermal plants at low temperatures with heat pump

TC 205

CEN (Comité Européen de Normalisation)

CEN / TC 44

Commercial refrigerated cabinets, catering refrigerating appliances and industrial refrigeration

CEN / TC 110

Heat exchangers

CEN / TC 113

Heat pumps and air conditioning units

CEN / TC 130

Space heating appliances without integral heat sources

CEN / TC 156

Ventilation for buildings

CEN / TC 182

Refrigerating systems, safety and environmental requirements

CEN / TC 195

Air filters for general air cleaning

CEN / TC 228

Heating systems in buildings

CEN / TC 243

Cleanroom technology

CEN / TC 247

Building Automation, Controls and Building Management

CEN / TC 371
Energy Performance of Building project group - Structure

ISO (International Organization for Standardization)

ISO / TC 86

Refrigeration and air-conditioning

ISO / TC 117

Happy fans

ISO / TC 146

Air quality

ISO / TC 163 Thermal performance and energy use in the built environment

ISO / TC 203

Technical energy systems

ISO / TC 205

Building environment design