Assoclima presents
Assoclima is an autonomous federated to ANIMA.
Born in 1964 as Co.Aer (Union between national manufacturers of equipment and systems for air treatment), it became Association in 1992. In 2014 changes its name to Assoclima - Manufacturers of air-conditioning systems.
Assoclima represents, within the ANIMA Federation, an industrial sector with 60 associated companies, more than 7.200 employees and a total turnover of over 1.550 million, with an export quota of 64%.

In Assoclima flow 8 product groups:
- Fans
- Components for air distribution
- Installations for air pollution control
- Air filters
- Air conditioning machines and terminal equipment
- Heat exchangers
- Cooling towers
- Heat pumps

Assoclima to the Defence of the Italian climate
Globalization opens up markets but exacerbates the competition, times change, everything moves faster and certain values ​​are lost.
Even associations, such as business, you have to adapt to these new scenarios and need to acquire more and more authority to carry out their mission of protecting the interests of its member companies.
But the role of a modern association must go beyond the protection of the interest, must indicate to the member companies the right way to address new markets, a company to succeed and the future must be able to combine the right profit with the ability to give a response to major problems and the ability to combine development and progress with respect for people and the environment.
Assoclima intends to play this role with great authority by intervening in the appropriate country so that the entire system is able to offer the same opportunities for Italian companies that have their foreign competitors in countries of origin.
The Italian air processing industry has a strong and long tradition and the work of our association is to make sure that this tradition is maintained and possibly be strengthened, in order to serve this structure and development plans, which will give a boost to the productive sector for the achievement of consistent progress and environmental quality.

Assoclima and environmental protection
The fundamental objective of Assoclima is to contribute to improving the effectiveness and efficiency of systems products, pursuing both the well-being of the people who protect the environment.
The Italian industry has a tradition established in many decades, which has made it one of the most appreciated for the quality of the products, their efficiency and their reliability.
This was made possible by the innovative research that has allowed us to develop products that are more adherent to technological developments together with respect for the needs of modern life.
In fact, besides the need to reduce energy consumption, has assumed importance determining the environment in its elements involved, the ozone layer and the greenhouse effect.
In light of its commitment, the Italian industry sector has completed the transition to the use of fluorinated refrigerants HFC, facing troubles of redesign and investment.

Assoclima and the supply chain

The improvement of the safety and efficiency of the systems goes through the proper integration of the equipment in the plants themselves; is, therefore, necessary to Assoclima to maintain constant working relationships with designers, installers and in general with the entire production chain and the associations that represent them.
This process of interaction crosses national borders and is carried out with the participation of Assoclima the work of several European committees of "stakeholders", first among them the Eurovent, the European Committee of industry aerolics
and EPEE (European Partnership for Energy and the Environment).

Assoclima and Europe
Assoclima is a member of the European Committee Eurovent, which brings together national associations in the field of refrigeration and air system. Recently, in connection with the implementation of the European Union, it was decided that a more intense activities of the European Committee of Manufacturers. Delegates Assoclima participate in Technical Working Groups Eurovent.
Hot topics of discussion in working groups Eurovent include standardization, harmonization of legislation at European level and increase the efficiency of the machines, in particular in connection with the voluntary certification Eurovent.
To date, Eurovent Certification triggered winds certification programs that cover most of the equipment used in air conditioning and refrigeration.

Assoclima and the chain rule
In the European and international Assoclima is present through their delegates in the activities of the Working Groups of the Technical Committees of the standardization bodies CEN, CENELEC, ISO and IEC.
The regulatory activities at the European level (CEN for the mechanical part, CENELEC for the electric one) is particularly intense in recent years because of the EEC mandates for the drafting of rules aimed at realization of the Single European Market.

Assoclima and certification of products
Assoclima has promoted the development of IMQ Clima, the Center for Technology Innovation Agemont first laboratory in Italy dedicated to the verification and certification of the performance of the air conditioning and ventilation products.

Assoclima and training
Assoclima conducts information and training for a correct interpretation of the directives of the European Community, by organizing seminars, study days and study and preparing guidelines.
In particular, this activity has focused on the directives:
- 97 / 23 / CE (PED)
- 99 / 44 / EC (Directive Warranties)
- 2002 / 31 / EC (on the labeling of air conditioners <12 kW)
- 2002 / 91 / CE EPBD (Energy Performance of Buildings)
- 2002 / 95 / EC WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment)
- 2005 / 32 / EC EuP (Eco-design of energy-using products)
- 2006 / 42 / CE (new Machinery Directive)
- 2009 / 28 / EC RES (Promotion of the use of energy from renewable sources)

Assoclima and the legislature
Assoclima has become a point of reference for the legislator; participates as an "expert" in the sector in the work of the various ministerial groups at national level and the European Commission, bringing the contribution of his long experience in the preparation of laws, decrees and directives. Particular attention was paid to the European legislative evolution in the field of refrigerant fluids, in particular HCFC (hydrochlorofluorocarbons) and HFC (hydrofluorocarbons). In support of the use of the latter, Assoclima has collaborated with EPEE (European Partnership for Energy and the Environment).