National application of the WEEE Directive to products and systems for ventilation and air conditioning of the environment - Linea Guida Assoclima

Since 15 August 2018 many new types of electrical and electronic equipment (EEE) in the world of ventilation and air conditioning are included in the scope of application of the 2012 / 19 / EU Directive and of the Legislative Decree 49 / 2014. The Guideline provides indications on the application of the Directive, on the distinction between domestic WEEE and professional WEEE and on excluded products.


Incentives for the replacement of existing winter air conditioning systems - Guide to the heat account for electric heat pumps

The 2.0 Thermal Account was published in GU n. 51 of 2 March 2016 and came into force at the end of May 2016: what it provides, what are the main new features introduced and how to calculate the incentives. Also present a comparison with the other incentive systems.

guide booklet

book of plant and equipment register for plants for summer air conditioning and electric heat pumps for air conditioning in summer and winter

The vademecum on the System Booklet and on the Equipment Register clarifies the obligations and legal requirements for citizens who use a summer air conditioning system or an electric heat pump for summer and winter air conditioning.

label guide

Energy labeling of heat pumps, air-water and water-water heating - Reading Guide

The reading guide the new energy label explains simply how to read the label of the heat pumps and mixed sets and how to make a comparison with the boilers, which are the benefits for consumers and what obligations and responsibilities of suppliers , distributors and installers.


How to get comfort and energy saving with heat pump systems

Mini guide on Advantages of installing systems for heat pump: see details of

Annual Heat Pumps

Heat pumps: a technology that respects the environment and contribute to reducing energy consumption and emissions CO2.

White Paper on electric heat pumps, second edition 2011

With this second edition, we want to address some of the problems with practical sense, which were conspicuous in these two years:
• the cost of electricity and the complexity of the Italian tariff system real impediment to growth
• certification of products, essential measure for an appropriate choice and the assurance of proven performance
• certification of personnel, means inescapable to ensure the proper implementation and continuity of the functionality of the equipment.

White Paper on electric heat pumps, first edition October 2008

Our Association has considered it important to engage in the writing of this WHITE PAPER to contribute to a broader knowledge of these important opportunities that our country has to reduce consumption of Primary Energy.
These technologies are already widespread in all industrialized countries and unfortunately Italy, despite the favorable climate zone, suffers serious delays of cultural diffusion and market these systems, thus losing important opportunities for Energy Saving.

Technical booklet 2010

The legislative and regulatory framework in recent years, more and more oriented towards environmental sustainability and the reduction of energy consumption, specifically, the field of air conditioning and, more generally, the annual air-conditioning, is directly affected by the legislation relating to the containment consumption in civil field, with particular reference to the buildings.
The products of sector air conditioning will then be able to meet the new needs of the market, respecting:
- Both the minimum requirements for energy efficiency according to the new European schemes of sustainable design: it goes from the concept of EER and COP at reference conditions to that of SEER and SCOP - Product requirements;
- Both the installation rules concerning the integration of machines for the summer and winter air inside buildings, providing specific energy performance - System Requirements.