The Assembly is made up of representatives of enterprises registered to Assotermica. Can join the Association industries based in Italy producing operated apparatus for heating systems, energy efficient systems and components all aimed at environmental climatic comfort.

Here the art. 11 Statute Assotermica

The Assembly:

a) decides on general issues of the category;
b) the election of the elected members of the Board of Directors, after having fixed the number that should not be more than sixteen;
c) appoint auditors;
d) discuss and act on reports and on social budgets presented by the Board;
e) determine the contributions membership mandatory and optional on the proposal of the Executive Board;
f) decide on the maximum number of votes to be allocated to each member, proposed by the Governing Council;
g) approve, on the proposal of the Executive Council, the establishment of groupings of products and sectors, their rules and any amendments thereto;
h) act on the proposal to amend the bylaws;
i) Withdrawal of the associative positions;
j) Resolution adherence to other entities.

Minutes of Meeting: