Marketing Commission

The marketing committee is composed of representatives of member companies and marketing generally meets twice a year to examine the performance of the air conditioning market and identify actions aimed at a wider dissemination of the culture of climatic comfort.

In agreement with the Governing Council and the Assembly develops targeted market analysis and publications to enhance the system.
Commission documents Marketing:

Comfort and savings

The Group radiators in collaboration with the Marketing Commission has made a volatino pontenzialità on heating to radiators

Survey Cresme the Residential sector
This part of the study, which follows an earlier survey commissioned Assotermica to CRESME in 2001, gives a snapshot of the state of the heating and cooling of Italian homes, with an eye also to the portion of the housing. The analysis is conducted by macro-and in addition to providing data on the characteristics of the systems installed also goes on to investigate the dynamics of the market: what are the reasons that have led to the replacement of components, which led to update an installation, were performed renovations / upgrades in the last ten years and, not least, if you have been used or not to tax incentives 36 55% or%.

Survey Cresme on the non resideziale
The aim of this second part is certainly more ambitious, given that in these areas it is possible to meet very different situations: from the small dealer heated by conventional radiators in a condominium with industry and office buildings to the modern buildings of the tertiary sector, with demanding requests from the point of view of comfort thermo humidity and air quality. The analysis of these two areas is a first for Assotermica, and definitely will provide very interesting data for members.

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