Legislative standards

ASSOTERMICA, through their delegates, has always been present on both national and European regulatory tables to make their contribution to the development of rules for a safe and efficient use of equipment, in line with the programs outlined by the European Commission.
At the national level Assotermica is present in UNI CIG CTI and IMQ.
These are investments in tables of a technical nature to which Assotermica is contributing fact of experience and sensitivity, appreciated and built over time. In them we discuss regulations related to the safety of equipment and installations, maintenance, preparation and training of technicians.
At the European level, The CEN Technical Committees of interest associations and who see the presence of Assotermica, either directly or through the mirrors Committee, are as follows:

CEN / TC 47 - Atomizing oil burners and their components - Function - Safety - Testing
The CEN / TC 47 deals with the standardization of oil burners blown, including testing methods and everything about their equipment and power systems.

CEN / TC 48 - Domestic gas-fired water heatersIt
The CEN / TC 48 is responsible for the preparation of European standards for water heaters gas for domestic use of flash type and accumulation.

CEN / TC 57 - Central heating boilers
The CEN / TC 57 is responsible for the drafting of standards for boilers for gas, oil and solid fuel for heating, steel and cast iron and the hot air heaters fueled by solid fuel olio.ea

CEN / TC 58 - Safety and control devices for burners and appliances burning gaseous or liquid fuels

The CEN / TC 58N is responsible for the preparation of standards related to safety and control devices for appliances powered by gas or liquid fuels for both domestic and industrial use with the exclusion of mechanical devices and equipment for transmission and distribution.

CEN / TC 62 - Independent gas-fired space heaters

The CEN / TC 62 is responsible for the preparation of standards for fireplaces and gas stoves independent decorative effect of combustion, excluding dedicated LPG appliances.

CEN / TC 89 - Thermal performance of buildings and building components.

The CEN / TC 89 is responsible for the drafting of rules for the design and choice of materials, components and systems for the construction of housing high-energy performance to support the EPBD.

CEN / TC 109 - Central heating boilers using gaseous fuels.
The CEN / TC 109 is responsible for the drafting of standards for gas fired heating boilers up to 1000 kW.

CEN / TC 131 - Gas burners using fans
The CEN / TC 131 is responsible for the drafting of rules independent of gas burners.

CEN / TC 166 - Chimneys
The CEN / TC 166 is responsible for the drafting of standards for chimneys

CEN / TC 180 - Decentralized gas heating
The CEN / TC 180 is responsible for the drafting of regulations on the installation of hot air, and not domestic, non-domestic and radiant systems.

CEN / TC 238 - Test gases, test pressures and categories of appliances.
The objective of the CEN / TC 228 is to prepare a European standard that defines updated, on the basis of gas distributed, the categories of gas appliances, the relevant test gas and the corresponding test pressures. This will have to take due account of the ongoing work in the field of the Mandate M 400 on gas quality.