Europump, European Association of Manufacturers of Pumps, was founded in 1960. Is 18 15 National Associations in EU Member States, Switzerland, Turkey, and Russia. The associated Europump represent more than 450 companies with a collective value of the production of more than 10 Billions of € 100.000 employees in Europe and beyond.

The performance always better than pumps for liquids increases the productivity of end-use sectors and contributes to competitiveness and growth.

The production of pumps is a growing field and led by Small-Medium Enterprises. With nearly half of all world exports and 40% of the main patent applications, the industry euro-western Pumps is a leading economic, business and technology in the industry.

Europump is an associate member of Orgalime, the European Federation of mechanical, electrical, electronic and metalworking. Orgalime performs several activities, many of which translated into industry positions.

Technical Committee

Work on technical, this Commission has played a key role in Europump since its founding. Continues to attract considerable interest and participation by manufacturers of pumps and has produced a diverse range of technical publications for the industry. The current main areas of interest are energy efficiency of pumping systems and environmental impact of the pumps during the entire life cycle of the product.

Marketing Commission

The Commission men faced a wide range of topics that include the coordination of supply by an external market data industry relevant, statistical organizations to lobby the European Union (Eurostat) for significant data on industry pumps (eg PRODCOM ), deal with counterfeit products on the market and promoting European industry pumps from the European laws and regulations.

Standards Commission

Established shortly after the Technical Committee, has traditionally been active in providing support to the preparation of technical standards affecting the sector and assist the process of harmonization of existing standards. With the growth of legislation and European Directives, his work today is focused on the development of standards and regulations of interest to the sector such as the Directive ErP (Energy Related Products) and Nuyova Machinery Directive.

EMS Network Commission

Established in 1998, this Commission is directed especially to small / medium-sized manufacturers of pumps and provides a platform for comparison where attendees can exchange ideas, views and experiences on issues related to the world of the pumps. External experts are often invited to present specific topics and regular visits to the factories are organized in order to broaden the experiences of the participants.

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