Assopompe is the association of Italian manufacturers of pumps also open to commercial companies in the industry.

It aims to inform members on developments in the market, to promote the aggregation of resources and expertise, to spread information aimed at supporting technological and industrial vitality of an major sector for Italian economy. Assopompe has about 50 members, with a total turnover of about 1 Billion Euros and a total number of employees that exceeds 4.700 units.

It was admitted to Europump, which joins the European territorial associations and may participate therefore in European initiatives, accesses to the most up to date knowledge of regulations, to a vast repertoire of technical and scientific publications, and finally to a set of statistical information on markets. Be acquainted with the industry development helps focus the marketing and sales initiatives and properly orient its own investments. These are the right expectations from member-companies.

The mission, given to current members and those who want to join is to do a "system" to make it stronger and more representative of our industry:

- Participating directly in the committees that comprise the technical activity, regulatory and marketing;

- Influencing contents of legislation and avoiding to undergo the consequences of the choices;

- Receiving timely and complete information on all activities;

- Achieving a greater depth and enhance their professional skills through constructive contacts in the various locations of encounter, in Italy and in Europe.

This is all the more important the more you widen the horizons of our industry. Italy is now included in the European Union. We must therefore gain more weight, even and especially on international working groups.

In a stronger association, Italian companies will have the opportunity to work together, in full compliance with the intellectual property of each partner and the laws of free competition, to protect the profitability of the sector in an extremely competitive market and unpredictable.

It is also designed an aggregation formula that allows specialized companies and internationally renowned manufacturers of pumps but not particularly related to the sector, to participate effectively in community life Assopompe as "Members Aggregates."