Builders Espresso Coffee Machines and Equipment for Bar

Prestigious brands that have been able to build over time the great tradition of Italian production of professional espresso machines, making it one of the great protagonists of the "made in Italy" in markets around the world. Examples of entrepreneurial success stories and able to renew itself over time and to conquer ever new spaces, as evidence of the high proportion of export sector now reaching around the 80% of production.
These companies associated with UCIMAC, the component of ASSOFOODTEC representing the Italian Manufacturers of Machinery and Equipment for Espresso Bar
UCIMAC is an expression of businesses that, in addition to being a large part of the production capacity of Italian industry, known for always interpret the changing demand and to better respond to changing markets, thanks to a careful and close relationship with customers and a constant commitment to research technological solutions most appropriate.
Just to ensure that excellence quality that still characterizes the Italian production on world markets, it is strong and continuing the efforts made by member companies in the process of adapting products to different national standards and international effort that finds ample support in the activity membership . UCIMAC fact plays an intense monitoring of the evolution of technical standards, together with an action liaison and cooperation with relevant bodies responsible for their definition.
The association, thanks to its representativeness, acts as interpreter of the various problems and sector bodies in the relevant institutional bodies and as a partner of the member companies in the enhancement and promotion of Italian products in the world.


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