Manufacturers Vending Technologies

The manufacturers of vending machines, expression of Italian manufacturing excellence for innovation, design, technology, quality, design, are the protagonists of the "made in Italy" on international markets with an export percentage equal to 70%.
These companies, which are part of the chain of automatic distribution of food and drinks (vending), in recent years have developed automated systems that can integrate into the "food equipment" with new functional technological solutions available also channels of 'Ho.Re.Ca and Retail.
For these reasons it was set up within the fund ASSOFOODTEC BUILDING TECHNOLOGIES VENDING.
The manufacturing industries of vending machines, which are part of the Vending Industry CONFIDA - the association that represents the various categories of the vending industry - by their constitution VENDING TECHNOLOGIES expanding their areas of interest and activity, being able to take advantage of a wider range of quality technical services as well as strengthen its representation in the economic environment and national and international institutions.